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Home garden plant sale

Home garden sale


- Never to be seen again prices on a variety of plants, shrubs, trees and succulents. A brief list follows:

- Location: Panorama

- Indicate your interest on whatsapp: 0824168696

- Address to be provided


item size in? price
Poneytail Palm 3m 1/2 barrel R 750
Pomegranate 2m fibre cement pot R 500
Olive tree 3m fibre cement pot R 750
Stralizia ornamental banana 2m fibre cement pot R 500
Dracaena 2m + 4m fibre cement pot R 500
Dieffenbachia 2m plastic pot

R 250

Amaryllis bulbs 4 pots, 15 bulbs   R 30/ea
Fuschia 2m fibre cement pot R 75
Plastic troughs 3x   R 30/ea
Succulents Various   R 10/ea
Maidenhead ferns 2x   R 100/ea
Oregano   pot R 75
Marjorum   pot R 75
Hydrangeas 2x pot R 100/ea
Arum lilly bulbs     R 15/ea
Large Blackberry plant   plastic pot R 300
Indoor african violets varous   R 50 - R 100/ea
Various other plants      


- bulbs are priced per bulb

- plants priced per plant