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About Us


XStore has been in operation for just over 14 years providing design, solutions, service and implementation in the following spaces:

  • network security
  • enterprise data storage
  • Linux solutions

We maintain a number of relationships with partners, providing both service to and receiving support from these.  Working with our partners, we provide complete software and hardware solutions to clients, covering everything from entry-level SME solutions to enterprise requirements.

Robby Pedrica

I graduated secondary education in 1988 with Matric Exemption, did a four year NHD in Electrical/Electronic engineering at the Cape Technikon and worked for Li Shen Computers ( importer of computing equipment ) for 3 years.

I then provided contract services in the UK between 1995 and 2000 for companies like Netcom Internet, HSBC, Railtrack and BSG. The main bulk of these services related to customer service/support on Sun systems ( Solaris ), Linux/OSS platforms and applications, systems administration, and network architecture and design.

Following this period, I worked for the IBM Storage Distributor for SA, Maxtec Peripherals providing support, design and implementation in the fields of storage and network security, for the following products:


  • Network Appliance Filer
  • StoreAge SVM Virtualisation
  • FalconStor IPStor Virtualisation
  • IBM N-series/FastT/DS/SVC
  • Bakbone Netvault
  • Nexsan
  • SANRAD v-series


  • Alteon Web Switching
  • FortiGate UTM Firewalls
  • Network Appliance NetCache for content distribution/caching/proxying
  • Brocade Fibre Channel

It's also during this period that I started product development on OSS as a platform, performing some of the functions of systems above, based on OSS experience gained in the previous 10 years. This led to product offerings such as OpenFiler/FreeNAS-based systems for iSCSI/SAN and rsync-based asynchronous replication for backup opportunities.

After leaving Maxtec in 2004, I started XStore to provide services/products in the SME and enterprise space for data storage, network security and Linux solutions. Additional development work has been done in the space of automated platform provisioning, load balancing/clustering/reverse proxying/protocol conversion, cloud compute/storage and complete OSS platform solutions.

I have a number of certifications ranging from vendor-specific ( Netapp, Bakbone, Fortinet, etc. ) to non-vendor like LPI.

Further information about XStore offerings can be found in the Services section.