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Our Support Processes and Service Level Agreements

Support options and usage


XStore provides support services through 3 methods:


1. Per-incident / once-off

Under this method, XStore does not guarantee a response time but we try to service queries within 48 hrs. This method is suitable for clients who do not require priority support. Scheduled appointments are not guaranteed.


2. SLA/Service Level Agreement

Service Level Agreements provide some form of priority/guaranteed response to support queries. Preventative maintenance tasks and other consulting functions can also be included in Service Level Agreements. Project tasks are typically not included in SLA agreements.

The exact coverage, services, response times, contact details and scheduled tasks are listed in the specific agreement. SLAs can be tailored per client as required.


3. Project Support

We offer support based on projects with associated pricing.


General Requirements for Support Engagements


- We do not make use of Whatsapp, Messenger, Hangouts or any mechanism other than email tickets to initiate support requests; support requests will not be entertained on any email address other than a ticket system email address

- An email ticket is required before a support request will be attended to (unless email is the issue)

- The general support email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- Please log 1 issue per support ticket

- Per incident support is strictly provided only during office hours (available on our Contact Us page)

- A support request that does not have sufficient or appropriate information attached to it, or context for the request, may lead to delays in processing - see our article on How to generate an efficient support request for more information

- Support requests should have an accurately described subject line - ambiguous detail may lead to delays in processing the request

- Non-priority support requests for SLA priority clients will be attended to during office hours

- A meeting/appointment will not be confirmed until an email meeting request is received from the client, and a confirmation response has been sent in return by XStore

- Where a Quote has been supplied, work will not proceed on that quote until the quote has been accepted at the Quote Acceptance link provided in the quote email

- All SLA or per-incident clients are subject to our Terms and Conditions; further information on our support policies is also provided there

- In the case of critical or priority events for SLA clients

  • log a ticket if email is available
  • call us on the Contact Us mobile no.
  • sms us on the Contact Us mobile no.