Welcome to XStore!

Updated: In line with current regulations from the DoC, we support the dissemination of information regarding COVID-19. Information is available on the SA Coronavirus website.

XStore provides consulting, training, installation, design and support services to customers in Southern Africa in the areas of Data Storage, Network Security and Linux Solutions. These services are provided by means of one-off encounters, projects or ongoing maintenance-style engagements. We also facilitate the purchase of IT Equipment in general through a select group of South African distributors.

We work closely with current and prospective customers to continuously evaluate requirements and balance them with new technologies in the ICT area, the focus being on visible business benefit. Our portfolio of services is built around software and hardware offerings from Open Source Software and commercial vendors such as IBM, Dell and Fortinet, adding value to our customers with both leading and niche-market technologies.


For clients requiring customised Internet technologies including Email Relay, Cloud Storage, SaaS and Email/Web/DNS hosting, please go to www.emailstor.co.za for more information.